Sunday, October 7, 2012

DELISHOES - Shoe Sculptures by Stephanie Seymour

In the year 2004  DELISHOES, 26 individual shoe sculptures were created. Each one is totally different from the next, and the collection was  featured as one of the main events in the
 international chocolate festival  in Perugia. 

Since 2004 other shoes have been created to enrich the collection, as well as a collection exhibited in New York and Chicago.

In this photograph my Delishoes are shown in the Rocca Paolina during the event Fantacity, in Perugia, 2012. 

For information regarding exhibitions of the collection during  fairs, events, fashion shows, please contact me at

Orange chocolate, one of my original shoe sculptures in the collection "Delishoes", created in 2004.
Fashion nightmare, the first of several shoes that took on a totally new dimension, this one being a bird who is unable to get a decent sleep on a bed of nails and wire, displayed in 
Perugia at various shows.
During the event "Fantacity", my exhibition in the medieval Rocca Paolina, Perugia. 
Children from schools came to visit the show where I displayed about 20 of my Delishoes.
After my first collection of Delishoes, I was commissioned by designer Stuart Weitzman to create directly on his expensive and well-known shoes and boots, another group of shoes that were then displayed in his boutique windows on Madison Avenue in NY and then on Michigan Ave in Chicago.

An article regarding artistic shoes and my leopard shoe which is the homepage of my website, in the magazine Marie Claire.
An article in the Italian version of Vanity Fair, which includes mention of my shoe sculptures Delishoes.
 SLURP, a military boot on the theme of chocolate
One of a more complicated shoes to create, "Chocolate Sole"
Scarpa della regina (shoe of the queen) 

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