Saturday, April 19, 2014

DRAWING MASTERS - San Francesco Superstar

Opening this afternoon of San Francesco Superstar at the exceptional show of Drawing Masters. The extremely well organized exhibition in the outstanding Palazzo della Penna in Perugia, opened today with 400 illustrations of very well known illustrators. The Umbrian artists interpretated St. Francis in drawings, or in my case, with a painting.
I was pleasantly told that just yesterday my painting was show on local television announcing the exhibition.

Drawing Masters - San Francesco Superstar
which can be seen on this link at 13.32 - 38sec

Here are some photos of the afternoon with  Marco Cannavò, organizer of the exhibition

presentazion of the opening by Andrea Cernicchi, Cultural Mayor, Claudio Ferracci organizer and director of the library of comix, Biblioteca della Nuvole, Marco Cannavò, organizer of event, and Sergio Cavallerin, owner of Star Show, artist and cartoonist and organizer of Perugia Comix. 

Here are dear friends, both photographers, Marco Nicolino to the left and Filippo Sproviero to the right 

Here is the crowd during the opening and the section of the show, San Francesco Superstar 

 the poster outside the palace Palazzo della Penna 
my friend Monique and I reflecfted in an old mirror inside the exhibition 
a partial view of my painting "Medieval Intruder" on television yesterday 
and a close up of the eye and the words of the broadcaster saying that you can see yourself in the eye of St. Francis 

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