Monday, July 28, 2014

My Delishoes in New York, 2005

Here is the boutique of Stuart Weitzman on Madison Avenue in Manhattan New York, year 2005. In the window half of the collection I created for the designer directly modifying his shoes into delicious-looking chocolate Delishoes. 
 The second window display with five other shoes created on his shoes and boots. 
 Madison Avenue and the boutique of Stuart Weitzman.

In 2004 I designed a full collection of  26 shoe sculptures,  delicious looking shoes, that seemed to made from chocolate. Each shoe was a real woman's shoe, mostly high heels but smaller heels as well, some sandals, others closed shoes. Some were leather, cloth, various materials which I then turned into real sculptures that looked like chocolate. The public as well as the media was completely confused as to whether these shoes were really chocolate or not.

I used many many materials to create my collection. I had never done such a project before, but since I had had much experience with materials, was able to construct, build, and modify the many shoes to make up a collection with was called Delishoes, or at the Eurochocolate fair in Perugia, was ChocoDeliShoes.

After this experience I contacted Stuart Weitzman in New York who asked me to design a collection on his marvelous and expensive shoes. He sent me ten different styles which I worked on, mailed back and then had them displayed in windows on Madison Avenue in New York (Manhattan) at the Weitzman boutique and then in Chicago on Michigan Avenue.

The shoes then were shown in various other displays in Italy, and became about 35 shoes in all.
Here is a window display in New York and another in Chicago, year 2005.

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