Friday, August 14, 2015

Rosolina collective art exhibition eXpone

Just returned from Rosolina in the area of Venice, Italy where the collective exhibition began just yesterday in the splendid Auditorium, ex-church of St. Anthony in Rosolina.

The show, curated by Simone Martinello showed the works of the following artists whom I had the pleasure to met just yesterday.

The artists are Claudia CorĂ², Francesca Giraudi, Barbara Truzzi,
 Cristina Zaninello and Alice Andreoli. All were present for the opening except for Andreoli. 

The work was displayed amongst fishermen's netting, creating a 
very unique and interesting installation.

Here are a few photos of the opening. The show continues until August 23. Hours open
 14-16th of August 9.30-12.30, 19.30-23.30
 and 17-23 August from 10.30-12.30 and 20.30-22.30

Simone Martinello with the artists 

Guests at the opening

From the second floor a view of the main floor of the ex-church

Installation of paper boats, where a workshop for children begins on the 
14th hosted by Cristina Zaninello

Fishing nets that created atmosphere in the installation

Entrance of the Auditorium in Rosolina

Part of the exhibition with my Cactus Ladies 

The alter exhibiting a piece of artwork of each artist and religious
 pages creating an interesting and modern installation expressing that the church
 is no longer used as a church but for cultural events.

Barbara Truzzi, one of the artists, singing and playing keyboards
 during the opening of the exhibition

Having fun with the artists!

The End.
Until we meet again!

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