Sunday, October 18, 2015

Eurochocolate 2004 and Stephanie Seymour's DELISHOES

Important to let people know that years ago in 2004 I was the original creator of DELISHOES, a collection of shoe sculptures that looked very much like chocolate shoes.
There were many articles written about my exhibition in the papers, here are a few of them dating in 2004-2005.
 In Chocolate and Chocolate magazine and pictures of my shoes 

The Eurochocolate program, 2004 with writing about my exhibition 

Marie Claire magazine 2005. The leopard shoe with tail is my design, which then inspired other designers to place tails onto shoes. 

Vanity Fair and one of my shoes designed for Stuart Weitzman in New York. The shoes then went on to Chicago (this was a second commission from the designer, to produce chocolate-looking shoes).

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