Friday, January 29, 2016

Exhibition Totò

Today my artwork of Totò is hosted as the profile picture on the web page presenting the exhibition of Totò at the Pinacoteca of Teora (Avellino),  a show of 150 artists, that will be shown in various cities of Italy.

Here are the photos from the facebook page, as well as the artwork I am exhibiting, a sculptural piece created on a box of rice, cardboard, paper, and paints, rice and chopsticks.

The word "riso" has two meanings, one is RICE and the other is LAUGHTER. In this particular case, the rice acts as tears for Totò, a very particular and interesting comic who now celebrates 50 years since his death, and thus the exhibition in his memory, who made many laugh as well as cry with his honest and felt humor, well-known to Italians and others worldwide.

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