Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Olympics, China, and my father

I am particular fond of China, have several personal reasons for this, as well as having had extraordinary experiences when there.
My first trip in 2007.....I had bought a little Olympus camera and took many photographs of the people there. When I arrived back to Italy where I live, I had my first photography show with the photos of this trip entitled "Incontri ravviCINAti", close (Chinese) encounters.

When we stayed in Dalian China for six weeks, I stopped people and took close-up photos of them. It was quite an experience, a very moving one.

But also, I was lucky to be able to photograph all the Olympic sports in magnificent sculptures in a huge plaza in the city of Dalian. Here are just a few on this post.

The Olympics are also in my father was an silver medalist winner as a javelin thrower in the 1948 Olympics in London.
A curious note, when I discovered that Missoni, famous Italian designer has also been in the Olympics that year (I had read it in the newspaper) I wrote to him personally asking if he had met my father (my dad died years ago). He never wrote to me but I got the surprise of a PHONECALL from him where he burst out with "Sono MISSONI!!" It was a delightful conversation, and on his part, a very nice gesture. Perhaps that is the Olympic way.....

So, here my photos also contain the javelin sculpture.

I have a full collection of all of the sports, and they are magnificent larger than life sculptures.

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