Friday, December 23, 2016

Oh boy, Jet Lag!

Jet Lag is a funny thing,
 but not that funny the day before Christmas
, when all through the house not a creature
 is moving except for those who have jet lag.

Yesterday I went for a well-needed nap, late, at 4pm. At 8pm I found the lights on in the hallway and thought "Why didn't my husband close the door while he gets ready for work now at 6.45am!?" Then my hand felt that I had jeans on....WHAT?...I thought...Jeans on for sleeping all night???

Only then did I realize that it was 8 and he had come home from work and I had slept four full hours after being back from the USA for a bit over a week. What a lot of confusion!! Where AM I and what am I doing at all these strange hours?

So, friends, observers of my blog, people far away, and others in and on my timezone.

Travel is wonderful, travel is marvelous, but it can do strange things to our inner clock.
Here it is 5.15am in Italy, and 8.15pm in the States where I just came from. Today is a fun and busy day, daughter will arrive from another Italian city, and tonight a big wonderful meal at my relative's house. Tomorrow a nice meal here, the house to be straightened up and food cooked but boy oh boy....I am going to be tired with all this jet lag....

Hello, goodby, good morning and good night to you all!

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