Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Beautiful Italy and today's rainbow

After 5 weeks in Los Angeles, I realize just how beautiful living in the countryside is: Italy!

There are loads of things to appreciate about Los Angeles, the city I grew up in, but today, when I spotted a rainbox in my rear view mirror, and stopped at a gas station to take a picture, I realized once again how being surrounded by all this green, and all these rolling hills....what good it does to ones soul.

Right after snapping this shot, I drove on, to see the hills, covered in green and gold, every so often with patches of bright light hitting here and there, almost magically. The clouds let some of the sun shine through and these magical spots glowed with magical beauty. It was breathtaking! Impossible to take a picture because I was driving, but I was totally amazed at how gorgeous the scene was.

Here is a shot of the rainbow...
and a couple others I was able to take
before getting onto the highway.

Italy is really a beautiful place!

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